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English version of lau.se

Lau.se is an extensive site with a compartively large amount of information and as a small non-profit organization it is not possible for us to produce a full-size translation of all pages. On some Swedish pages we provide a link to use Google Translate for the translation. At present the pages under ’Lau socken’ (Lau parish) are available in English. Robot translators sometimes produce wrong results, sometimes amusing results but in general they will produce an understandable view of the page which, with some imagination, is better than no translation at all. On important pages we have excluded names from translation and also modified the Swedish text to help the translator to produce something that hopefully will make you understand what we mean. Archive pages and image texts in the Image archive are left as the are due to the immense work to go through all texts. Use the robot translator with the above limitations in combination with your imagination and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information on topicts of interest.
We continue working with the translations and there are more pages to come…